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Termination of Invalid Marriages in Michigan

The experienced attorney at McGuigan Law, PLLC understands that the concept of annulment and how it differs from a marital dissolution (i.e. divorce) can be confusing. There is a common misconception that annulment is an alternative to divorce that can be used to avoid faith based objections to divorce. In reality, annulment is not an alternative to divorce, but a process that may only be used in very specific and somewhat limited circumstances to formally terminate a marriage that violates certain legal requirements.

An annulment may be sought where a marriage is either void or voidable based on some legal deficiency or disqualification at the time of your marriage. The most common situations where a marriage may be annulled in Michigan include the following:

  • The marriage is the product of force or duress.
  • The parties are too closely related.
  • One of the parties was induced into marriage based on misrepresentation or fraud (i.e. one’s spouse was still married to another).
  • One of the spouses was too young to marry without parental consent and failed to obtain it.
  • One of the spouses is married to a third party.

If your marriage is annulled in Michigan, it is as if you were never married. This means an annulment can have a substantial impact on property and debt division, spousal support and other financial issues so it is important to talk to an experienced Michigan annulment attorney if you are considering have your marriage annulled.
Don McGuigan can advise you regarding your right to seek an annulment and the relative advantages and disadvantages to seeking an annulment in your situation. We offer a free consultation and can meet with you in our Southland office, or we also have meeting facilities available for the convenience of clients residing in Wayne, Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw and Macomb counties.

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