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The Wayne County area of Michigan is home to a city that has one of the richest histories in America. That city is Detroit. Detroit is a blue-collar city. The economy was built on the legs of the manufacturing industry as Ford and GM Motors called this city home. Detroit has always been a city of hardworking and soulful people. The combination of hard workers and plenty of manufacturing jobs, made Detroit thrive. Unfortunately, the economic crisis of 2008 caused the masses to lose jobs and move away from the city. Since then, Detroit and Wayne County have been able to bounce back. According to DataUSA, from 2015 to 2016, the number of employees in Wayne County rose 3.55%, the average household income rose 4.59%, and the median property value rose 14%. All of these statistics are good signs for Wayne County.

Wayne County is the largest county in the state of Michigan with a population that just falls short of the 1.75 million resident mark. In Wayne County, there a three colleges and an abundance of elementary and high schools. Wayne County is full of activities, as it is home to two-thirds of the Detroit-Warren-Dearborn metropolitan area (Detroit and Dearborn are in Wayne County).

The Detroit metropolitan area makes Wayne County a great place to raise a family. There are plenty of activities to fill your weekends. Detroit is home to four professional sports teams, the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and the Tigers. When the seasons overlap you can check out a Tigers game and a Lions game in the same day as Ford Field and Comerica Park are located next to each other.

If sports isn’t your thing, Detroit has plenty of other attractions to check out. The Detroit Institute of Art is considered one of the largest and most interesting collections of art in the entire United States. As we continue on deeper in the soul of the city, many people know Detroit by its famous nickname, “Motown.” Detroit is the home of soul filled Motown Music. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the Motown Museum, also known as “Hitsville U.S.A.” The Motown Museum is located in the New Center area of Detroit. Originally, the house was used as a photography studio. In the early 1960s, Berry Gordy turned the house into a recording studio.

As fun-filled as Wayne County is, trouble can still arise within your relationship. No one ever gets married and starts a family with the intention having that relationship end in a divorce. Unfortunately, the rate of divorce in Wayne County is fairly high. According to Findling Law, the rate of couples that divorce in 2015 was 54.4%. The statistics do not stop here. According to Detroit’s AreaVibes statistics, 11% of the males and 13% of the females living in Wayne County’s largest city are divorced. Those numbers do not include the percentage of legally separated couples (4% and 3%, respectively).

Detroit is not the only city in Wayne County that is struggling with a relatively high number of divorced individuals living there. According to AreaVibes statistics from 2016, the neighboring city of Dearborn, has many residents that are divorced as 7% of males and 10% of females have been divorced. This is not to say that the rate of married individuals is low in this area, as the rate of men that are married is 54% and the rate of women that are married is 51%. In the event that you are divorced and your agreement needs a modification or you are looking for divorce mediation, you should look to find an experienced divorce attorney.

Divorce is a scary thought, but the citizens of Wayne County need to know that McGuigan Law, PLLC, is here to help. The experienced family law attorneys at McGuigan Law, PLLC are here to represent our clients in the court of divorce. We will not allow our clients to be shamed in the court of divorce and will continue to fight to represent them in the best light possible. We have handled dozens of cases in this nature and will implement a strategy for you to get the most out of a sticky situation.


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