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Helping Clients Modify Divorce and Custody Orders in Michigan

When you get divorced, the court orders that you adhere to many requirements. This can involve paying your spouse, keeping a custody schedule, and much more. But what happens if your spouse ignores the court orders? What happens if your situation changes and the court order is no longer appropriate? In these situations, you have to go back to court and obtain a post-judgment enforcement or modification. At McGuigan Law, we regularly help clients enforce and modify orders post-judgment, so please call today to discuss you options.

Child Custody - Sometimes, you or your child’s schedule changes and the existing parenting plan is no longer working. In tragic situations, your child’s other -parent may start presenting a dangerous environment for your child. In any situation, we can help you petition the court to modify your child custody order.

Child Support - Child support is based on a formula set out by Michigan law. However, the income of parents can often change, and sometimes, significantly. Whether you are receiving or paying child support, a modification to the order may be appropriate in the future.

Spousal Support - Courts in Michigan can order some spouses to pay spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance. Changed circumstances can often warrant the modification of an order, however. We know the effect spousal support can have on your life, and we will work to ensure your order is representative of your circumstances.

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Client Testimonials

"Donald Mcguigan was very helpful. He was always prompt when returning my calls and emails. He made the process as painless as humanly possible. Highly intelligent, experienced and very well respect in the courthouse. He was kind and caring in this most difficult time. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal help."


"I never thought an attorney would pay such close attention to my feelings and detail to my unique case. Don really helped me feel very comfortable while supporting and representing me. He did better than I could've asked for with my domestic violence divorce. I can't reccommend him enough!! I plan to retain him in the future as it is truly a pleasure working with him."