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Divorce is, for most people, a wrenching experience, not only emotionally, but financially. For years, divorces seemed to become increasingly adversarial, modeled on nasty confrontations between celebrities in the public eye. In recent times, as mental health professionals have taken note of the devastating effects of such battles on family members, particularly children, divorcing partners and their lawyers have taken a more diplomatic approach.

The emphasis has been placed on extricating everyone from a dysfunctional family circle and reconfiguring a more workable, peaceful environment for all concerned. Studies have shown that negotiation and mediation often yield more positive results, by creating decisions more acceptable to both parties, and in creating less stress for everyone involved.

Working with a Divorce Mediation Attorney in Southfield, Michigan

Mediation starts out with a positive framework since both parties have agreed to working at a harmonious solution to a disagreeable conflict. Both partners agree to sit down with a mediator, a neutral third party who is tasked with helping them come up with a solution that satisfies both and is beneficial to any children involved.

What issues are discussed during mediation?

Divorce involves a great many possible conflicts. The job of the mediator is to deal with each conflict separately and sensibly so that both partners feel their interests are being looked out for and neither feels taken advantage of. The issues discussed during mediation sessions may include:

In addition to agreeing to terms that will be incorporated into the divorce agreement, arrangements must be made regarding how changes will be made to that agreement when unforeseen events occur, such as job loss, one partner's need to travel or relocate for employment, or a serious illness or death in the family.

Advantages of Hiring A Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce mediation offers many advantages to a couple working through a divorce. The process takes less time since the parties do not have to wait for court dates. Also, when couples are able to communicate directly, they may be able to compromise more easily than if they are being coached to push for one-upmanship. Because their avowed goal is to create less tension, they may be more inclined to diplomacy than aggression. Another advantage of mediation is that an experienced mediator is knowledgeable about precisely which areas need to be covered and how to protect any children in each situation.

What information must be provided by parties involved in divorce mediation?

In order for divorce mediation to proceed smoothly, the couple will have to provide the mediator with financial information, including bank accounts, owned real estate, and other assets, such as automobiles and valuable collections, as well as outstanding debts.

Mediation Is a Fine Tool, but Isn't Appropriate for Everyone

Couples who are highly adversarial and unable to be the same room without aggressive arguing are not good candidates for mediation. This is particularly true when domestic violence has been a factor. In such situations, the divorce lawyers may have to take on the role of referees, as well as client advocates, in order for negotiations to move forward.

Nonetheless, in many cases, mediation may tone down tensions and be advantageous to both parties as well as to their children. Much can be gained when divorce can be approached as an untangling of dysfunctional bonds rather than the ripping apart of a family. If you are contemplating filing for divorce and are thinking of going the route of mediation as well as live in the Southfield Michigan area, contact McGuigan Law PLLC.


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