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Representing the Rights of Same Sex Couples in and around Southfield, Michigan

Same sex couples have the same rights of marriage as opposite-sex couples in Michigan and throughout the United States. However, before you rush to the altar, you should consider the legal ramifications of marriage and a possible divorce down the road. At McGuigan Law of Southfield, our marital law and same sex marriage legal experts represent same-sex spouses and help them prepare for all the implications of marriage so they can have the brightest future possible.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many people believe that prenuptial agreements are not romantic and inherently anticipate a divorce. This is not the case, however, as prenuptial agreements serve to protect the interests of two people entering into a legal relationship. There are many situations in which prenuptial agreements are appropriate, including:

  • Unequal wealth between spouses
  • Previous marriage and kids of one or both spouses
  • One or both spouses have business interests
  • One or both spouses expect a large inheritance

When you get married, you never want to plan for the possibility of divorce, but failing to do so in certain situation can be extremely costly. We can discuss whether a prenuptial agreement is right in your situation.

Remarriage Issues

If you’re heading into your second marriage, there can be lingering legal issues. For example, your spousal support may end or your ex-spouse may seek a modification of the child custody or child support order. It is important to address these matters head-on instead of waiting until after your honeymoon. We can evaluate your situation and help anticipate any legal matters.

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"Donald Mcguigan was very helpful. He was always prompt when returning my calls and emails. He made the process as painless as humanly possible. Highly intelligent, experienced and very well respect in the courthouse. He was kind and caring in this most difficult time. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal help."


"I never thought an attorney would pay such close attention to my feelings and detail to my unique case. Don really helped me feel very comfortable while supporting and representing me. He did better than I could've asked for with my domestic violence divorce. I can't reccommend him enough!! I plan to retain him in the future as it is truly a pleasure working with him."