divorce mediation

Many spouses decide to get divorced because they can no longer get along or agree on important matters. However, part of the divorce process is resolving important issues such as property division and child custody. Many spouses simply cannot reach an agreement on their own, but they do not want to put the power into the hands of the court. In this situation, mediation might be a helpful solution.

child custody

If you are getting a divorce with children or ending a relationship with your child’s other parent, the matter of custody will need to be decided. When parents cannot agree on an arrangement, the court must decide the matter for them. This takes all control away from the parents,and it can also be a time-consuming and costly process. It is almost always preferable to decide how to split custody on your own, so you know the arrangement will be practical and feasible with your schedules and situations.

Once you sit down to try to work out a custody arrangement – where do you start? First, it is important to remember that state law favors a child maintaining relationships with both parents, which means that joint custody is preferred when possible. There are a limited number of situations in which sole custody will be awarded:

  • One parent is unfit
  • The parents live far away from one another
  • One parent voluntarily relinquishes custody rights

Otherwise, you will need to decide on a shared custody schedule.

Some parents decide to split time almost 50/50, while others might decide the child will primarily live with one parent and visit with the other parent. As long as your arrangement is in the best interests of your child, you have flexible options when it comes to deciding on a specific schedule. It is important to have the advice and counsel of an experienced custody lawyer in Southfield during your negotiations to make sure you are aware of all the options that might work for you.

Discuss a Possible Case with a Custody Lawyer in Southfield

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Getting through a Holiday Divorce

Holiday divorce

Divorces happen at all times of the year. While many people try to “make it through the holidays” for the sake of children or other family members before they file, this is not feasible in many cases. If you have a divorce case pending over the holiday season, there are steps you can take to protect your well-being and the outcome of your case. Make sure you discuss your circumstances with an experienced divorce attorney in Southfield.


Dividing a Business in a Divorce

business divorce

If you are getting divorced, it can be difficult to decide who will get the family home, how you will divide spending time with your children, and more. However, the situation can become significantly more complex – with a lot more at stake – if you and your spouse own a business together. We live in an entrepreneurial age, and many spouses decide to start an enterprise for themselves. When this is the case, divorce will not only turn your personal life upside-down, but also potentially your professional life.