If you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, chances are you want to move forward with your post-marriage life as soon as possible. This often means that one spouse wants to move out of the family home so the couple can separate. Is it a good idea to move out of your house?

child custody

When the court issues a child custody order,the arrangement is based on your circumstances at that time. We all know that circumstances can – and do – change, and even if you and the other parent agreed to a schedule at the time, the schedule may no longer work. Abiding by the schedule might become overly stressful, impractical, or even impossible over time. The good news is that the law allows you to modify your child custody arrangement when the court deems it necessary.


Family Law FAQ

family law

What is Family Law?

Family law is the area of law that deals with the legal relationships between family members. Some examples of matters that fall within the definition of family law include divorce, adoption, separation,child custody, child support, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements. Some areas of family law overlap with other areas of law. For example, establishing a guardian for your minor children through a will involves both estate planning and family law.

separate maintenance

There are situations in which you know your marriage is not salvageable yet you and your spouse do not want to legally dissolve the marriage. This could be due to religious beliefs, tax purposes,health insurance purposes, or other personal reasons. However, if you and your spouse plan to live permanently apart for an extended period of time, it is important to resolve several issues, many of which are highly similar to the divorce process.